vehicle wrapping

up to the minute vehicle branding that really works

With more than 3000 views an hour it will probably be the biggest and most cost effective eye catching advert you will ever have.

Vehicle wraps promote your brand effectively all the time they are on the road - every time they are on the road.

At the end of the adverts life the vehicle is unwrapped to reveal the paintwork that has been protected from road grime, minor scratches and stone chip damage - helping with re-sale and residual values.

We at Burkett Quicksign have been vehicle wrapping since 2002 and know about all the pitfalls when it comes to wrapping films, laminates and digital printing.

We installed our own full solvent digital printer in 2006 so that we could closer control the quality and colour output for our clients.

After trying several brands of vehicle wrapping films we are fully aware of the special characteristics of each type and can confidently advise the best material for your particular project.

We would always recommend laminating the prints to protect from abrasion for all but very short term use and use various film laminates alongside liquid laminates where applicable.

With experience in wrapping such items as speedboats, trucks, vans and cars as well as more unusual items like nightclub bars and drink taps we are confident we can cope with all your wrapping needs.

We have our own in-house designers who will work with you to help create your image or we can take files direct from your preferred designer in any of the popular graphics formats.

Once the layout has been approved the job can be completed sooner than you might think.

Give us a call and let us get your company name out there.